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Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Managed Hosting Services

 Do you want to protect your data from every probable hazard caused by physical, human and digital factors that can harm the availability of your critical applications? Pay Per Cloud’s managed solutions are delivered to give you 100% secured and dynamic managed facilities for all your hosting needs.

At Pay Per Cloud, we leverage our investment in the latest technologies for delivering superior internet and networking performance and the highest level of uptime – at a price point, which is very difficult for most organizations to match on their own.

Our services in brief:

  • Security management:
    Through our managed collocation service, you can minimize the probable risks for your server and can plan your internet strategy well before any disaster occurs. We encourage you to use highly confidential password and user-name for accessing our remote server and get safety and security ensured.
  • Network management:
    We offer multiple Internet connections with diverse entry points through our sophisticated and high-performance network system.
  • Monitoring and reporting:
    Our service is tuned in such a way that it can monitor multiple operations at a time, including performance of websites, by providing availability and usage reports on a regular basis. It can also track and sort out problems regarding unavailability of network or any critical applications very swiftly.
  • Data backup and restore:
    We use Microsoft Data Protection Manager to provide continuous data backup to our clients.  Our Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape backup system means recovery of data is extremely rapid for any recovery within the first week of loss, as those files are retrieved from disk rather than tape.  We set customized data backup and retention policies to meet the needs of any Private Cloud clients. 
  • Data Center Migration Services:
    We can provide migrations to your environment.  We recognize you may never have performed a data center migration, so you may wish to avail yourself of our experience and expertise. Migration services include on-site changes of workstations to a new domain (where required), and are fully project managed.  We will minimize any affect to your business productivity by performing cutover work on weekends or evenings.

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