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Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Why Your Customers Want A Hosted CRM Tool

Businesses looking for a hosted CRM solution are driven by these primary needs:

  • Integrated customer information and communication between the customer service, sales, support and marketing departments.
  • Access to a full 360° view of each customer from anywhere at any time.
  • Need to increase corporate productivity without significantly increasing costs.
  • Lack of an IT staff to deploy and maintain a network infrastructure in-house.

360° Customer View Without The Hassle or IT Staff

Businesses in search of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution are searching for an automated, secure and efficient application which will allow all of their departments to work together to establish a well-rounded understanding of a customers’ needs, wants, likes and dislikes, increasing customer loyalty establishing closer business relationships and increasing efficiency and productivity.

In addition, these customers don’t have time to deal with the aggravation of deploying a CRM solution in-house or spending valuable time monitoring, maintaining and upgrading the servers down the road and prefer to hand off the responsibilities to you. Furthermore, small businesses don’t have the human or financial resources to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM in their office but want to take advantage of the benefits previously only available to the very largest businesses.

Offer your customers the industry’s leading CRM tool as a hosted service - hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 provides sales and marketing with a more complete view of each customer and their buying habits, helps the IT staff focus on other more strategic and revenue generating activities and provides corporate executives with streamlined business processes and constant customer communication at a cost effective price.

Around-the-Clock/Across-the-Globe Access

It’s not just a 9 to 5 world anymore. Business is conducted around-the-clock from any location in the world with the use of the BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm Pre and other popular mobile devices. Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows mobile employees to have their finger on the latest customer information – sales, marketing, support and customer service data on-demand – as if they were back at the office.

Increased Productivity
Our hosted Dynamics CRM service enables businesses of all sizes to immediately benefit from the leading customer relationship management tool, previously available to only very large corporations. Marketing, sales and customer service teams can easily increase efficiency and productivity with a familiar graphical user interface. They are able to quickly automate repetitive tasks, eliminating the need to enter recurring information daily, and enabling them to focus on achieving strategic goals. Hosted Dynamics CRM works the way your customers’ do by allowing them to customize it to their specific needs but with the added benefit of measurable improvements in processes, customer communication, and productivity.

Data Migration and Customization Assistance
Available at a modest cost is assistance in migrating data from ACT, other CRM software, and even spreadsheets.  We can assist to tailor the workflow or fields used to your exact needs.  For organizations acquiring at least 25 users, we'll provide two hours of CRM data migration or customization at no charge.

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