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Preferred PartnerWhat is Pay Per Cloud

Preferred Partner

What is Pay Per Cloud?

Pay Per Cloud provides infrastructure hosting on which our preferred partners can provide customer focused solutions without the intense capital requirements needed to build-out and support an enterprise class solution. As a member of the Pay Per Cloud Preferred Partner Program, your solutions can be added into the Pay Per Cloud network increasing your sales with a significantly lower overhead structure.

Why Pay Per Cloud?

Forward-thinking CEOs, CIOs and IT decision makers are embracing Pay Per Cloud infrastructure hosting for good reason. Pay Per Cloud is:

Preferred Partner

Thousands of customers and end users

Preferred Partner

Highly available, secure Tier 4 data center

Preferred Partner

Cloud hosting allows for increased flexibility

Preferred Partner

Access your infrastructure remotely

Preferred PartnerPartner Overview


As an affiliate you earn $ when a customer signs up for a Pay Per Cloud product using the referral link you provide. To get a referral link simply sign up at and start earning 8% on all customers you refer with your link.
Click here to become an affiliate


As a Pay Per Cloud Partner you earn $ by adding the Pay Per Cloud Branded products to your product offerings. You keep the various Pay Per Cloud branding, pricing and packaging and purchase when a customer signs up for a Pay Per Cloud product using the referral link you provide. You are charged at wholesale rates with discounts based on total spend. Click here to Become a Partner


The Pay Per Cloud Preferred Partner Program is the most comprehensive partner program. It includes all the benefits of both the affiliate and basic partner programs with the addition of co-marketing services and increased product offerings as well as the ability to include your products & services in the Pay Per Cloud ecosystem.
Click here to become a preferred partner

Partner Types & Value Propositions

  • Affiliates – Affiliate partners are able to earn income by providing any of the Pay Per Cloud Affiliate Products to their customers using a custom “affiliate link” which you receive by signing up for the Pay Per Cloud Affiliate Program. Sign up for PPC Affiliate Program Here.
  • Resale Partners — Partners looking to resell cloud hosting services and maintain account control program will be best served in the Reseller Partner Program. This program allows you to either use the Pay Per Cloud Brand or use your brand with the add-on private label services. Add your services and expertise for increased revenue opportunities. Pay Per Cloud Partners earn income by receiving Pay Per Cloud products at a wholesale rate. And by adding your expertise and branding to the Pay Per Cloud suite of offerings you can increase your revenue while maintaining account control. Partners looking to earn at a higher level in the program and gain access to increased benefits must complete the requirements listed in the program guidelines.
  • Preferred Partners — Preferred partners get the full benefits of the affiliate program and the reseller partner program with multiple additional benefits designed to grow your businesses top line while controlling your costs and eliminating capital expenses. Designed for companies that would like to include their products or solutions in to the Pay Per Cloud ecosystem and make their solutions available to be sold within the Pay Per Cloud hosting environment. This program is built on the concept of reciprocation and is a great avenue to increase the visibility and sales of your solution while providing the ability for you to increase your revenue through the sale of Pay Per Cloud hosted products.

Stage your business for growth

Every company executive is asking the question, “How can I grow my business without increasing my cost structure?” That is one of the key reasons the Pay Per Cloud Preferred Partner Program was developed. With Pay Per Cloud’s Preferred Partner Program you get 3 core benefits

  • Gain more customers through the combined marketing and sales efforts with Pay Per Cloud and our related authorized partners.
  • Control your infrastructure build-out and support costs
  • Collaboration & networking with other partners within the Pay Per Cloud network allows you to expand the products and solutions you provide to your customers.

Preferred PartnerBenefits

Stop The Resource Juggling Game

Over used resources, Under used resources…. How about paying for only what you really need?
The cloud is the perfect solution for your resource balancing act.

Preferred Partner

Customer Benefits

The cloud is changing the way companies do business and you can profit from that change by offering your customers the following benefits without the capital expense required to build out your own infrastructure.

  • Infrastructure – Compute infrastructure available when you need it
  • Availability – Customer infrastructure is built to achieve 99.999% uptime. For most small and medium-sized business this type of uptime is nearly impossible to achieve without spending incredible amounts of capital.
  • Scalability - Means you can have infinite resources, can handle unlimited number of users
  • Economies of Scale- Enables sharing of resources and costs across a large pool of users. Lower cost, higher utilization.
  • Elasticity - You can add or remove computer nodes and the end user will not be affected. See the improvement quickly. Imagine your computing environment as a utility similar to the electrical grid. Use what you need and only pay for what you use.
  • OpEx Vs CapEx: Turn IT expenses into an operating expense vs using capital budget

Preferred Partner Benefits

Expand your service offering and increase your sales opportunities while increasing your own brand awareness.

Accelerate your revenue and leverage the benefits of our robust program designed especially for partners selling to small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Increased Sales Opportunities
  • 8% to 25% recurring commissions
  • Co-marketing
  • Expertise
  • Events

Services Overview


Pay Per Cloud Hosting

Pay Per Cloud Professional Services

  • 24x7 Technical Support
  • On-premise and Cloud Managed Services
  • Save Time and Money While Keeping Control
  • Virtual CIO

Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • Industry Leading Backup and Replication Agents
  • Fast Recovery Near Line Storage Appliance
  • Secure Off-site Data Protection
  • Geo-Redundant Recovery in the Cloud

Extend value-added services to your small business customers by providing all-in-one Security-as-a-Service solutions that are easy to manage and maintain. With this program, you can develop unique, highly scalable security service offerings specifically designed for SMBs.

Preferred PartnerPartner Training

Partner Training

As a Pay Per Cloud Preferred Partner you are eligible for specialized partner training which will cover the following areas:

  • Cloud Hosting 101 – The basics of cloud hosting
  • Quoting & Designing Solutions
  • Solution Selling the Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service

Preferred PartnerRequirements


Pay Per Cloud Preferred Partners are expected to complete certain requirements to gain access to different program benefit levels. This is a brief overview of some key program requirements. For more detailed information, see the Pay Per Cloud Program Guidelines.

  • Signed Master Partner Agreement and MOU
  • Annual Business Plan
  • PPC Quoting Process Certification
  • Quarterly Marketing Activities
  • Website & Social Media Posts

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