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Affiliate Program


As an affiliate you earn $ when a customer signs up for a Pay Per Cloud product using the referral link you provide. To get a referral link simply sign up at and start earning 8% ongoing on all customers you refer with your link.

Costs : $0.00
Earnings Potential : 8% Monthly per sign up with the PPC Web Hosting Affiliate Program
(Commission Paid on Volume Referred)


With a strong 3% ongoing commission structure for referrals..the more you refer, the more you earn

IT consultants, MSPs and service providers

Promote our hosted services directly to your clients. Earn ongoing commissions on each sale.

  • Monthly Commissions
  • Strong industry credibility. Build on Our Position as a Leader in Microsoft Exchange Hosting
  • Free. No fees to join
  • Simplicity. We manage the support and billing
  • Support for selling. Your Account Manager is Available to Help Support Your Business and Grow Your Sales.

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