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Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email Service with ActiveSync and iPhone 4G

Just when you thought the Apple iPhone couldn’t get any better, it has. Now you truly can communicate at the speed of business.

Stay connected with your office and family at the same time

iPhone 4GNeed to get that sales report to the boss before his meeting or send the latest photos of the kids to your parents? The iPhone 4G lets you easily manage your ActiveSync enabled Microsoft Exchange mailbox and your Gmail, Yahoo, or MSN mailbox at the same time. You can quickly move between each of them with just the touch of your screen or, for even quicker access, you can view incoming email from all of your accounts from one unified inbox – automatically – all without having to sync anything.

Follow a conversation from start to finish.

Long email conversations can be followed quickly and easily by managing discussions based on email thread. The chain of messages can be viewed in order of receipt with the most recent one at the top and the total number of emails also included. Just like Microsoft Outlook, it’s easy to keep track of lengthy email conversations on your phone.

View attachments as if you were in the office.

The iPhone 4G enables you to view attachments like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint or PDF files as if you were back at the office. And, the new high resolution display enables you to zoom in and actually be able to read the contents of the file – no more guessing what the attachment says.

Search all emails – not just the ones on your phone.

Looking for emails by subject, sender or recipient?  The iPhone 4G doesn’t just search the emails on your phone.  It searches all of your emails – even those on your Exchange Server.

Pay Per Cloud's hosted Exchange mobile email service combines with the power of your iPhone to put the new world of mobile communications at your fingertips.

Pricing: FREE setup + $2.95/user/mo.
Please note: Pay Per’s mobile email service also requires a hosted Exchange mailbox as well as a data plan from your cellular provider. Mobility features are not available for the Web Access Only (OWA) package. If you require these features please select a full featured Exchange hosting plan.

We also offer Hosted Exchange and ActiveSync for your iPod 3G.

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